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Professional Belly Dance Artist

There is nothing like an authentic Middle Eastern performance that makes your next event an unforgettable one. Authentic Middle Eastern music accompanied with spectacular costuming and skilled dancing is sure to make your special night an unforgettable one!


It takes years of on-going education and dedication to be a high level Professional Belly Dancer. Something that Linette LaTurka has under her sequined belt!


Linette LaTurka’s professionalism, skill, talent, experience, and continued training are evident in all her shows!


Be aware should you hire a less expensive dancer…you most likely are hiring a student or hobbyist that are not trained professional dancers and entertainers.


So why settle for subpar when you can have high class? Invest in a show that will leave an impression on your guests!


Booking is easy and Linette LaTurka is available by phone or email, always doing her best to accommodate her clients. All shows are tailored to meet your needs.







**Pricing is subject to change at dancer’s discretion due to traveling cost**


Belly Gram:

A Belly Gram is a short performance by a belly dancer ranging from 10 to 15 minutes in length. This exciting performance is sure to liven up any party and surprise the guest of honor! The mini show is perfect when a quick show is preferred.

Pricing: $200 and up


Classic Belly Dance Show:

A more traditional show, usually between 20-25 minutes in length. A classic show begins with an exciting entrance showcasing the use of 3 traditional belly dance props. This show ends typically with an exciting and powerful drum solo. Audience participation is greatly encouraged so you & your guests can be part of the show! Perfect choice for Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Rehearsal Dinner, and any other special event.

Pricing: $250 and up

Most Popular Choice


Belly Goddess:

 BellyGoddess is a private belly dance class/show for women only. Length of time runs about 45 minutes to an hour. Linette Laturka will start this package with a 15-minute Belly Dance show, where you and your guest will have a taste of what's to come! After wards, it will be you and your guests turn to join in and have a chance to learn and dance as a Belly Goddess! This package includes a 30-minute Belly Dance lesson. that teaches basic Middle Eastern Dance moves. You and your guests will be taught a variation of moves and combinations, from powerful Hip Drops and Shimmies to more sensual and softer movements, with Middle Eastern music playing to match.   Whether you are celebrating your bachelorette party, birthday, having a Ladies night get together, Henna party, or any special occasion, Linette LaTurka, wants to help you make this experience memorable. 

Pricing: $275 and up




Let's add some excitement, sparkle, and enchantment to your upcoming wedding! Whether Belly Dance is part of your culture, or you are looking to add a fabulous element to your wedding, hiring a professional will set the mood for your night! Linette LaTurka is a dancer that understands how important this day is to you, family, and loved ones. So don't just hire any belly dancer! Linette Laturka will capture the beauty and joy of your special day, so you and your guests will get the maximum of entertainment and artistry on your special day! Linette LaTurka performs a full belly dance show with a combination of 2-3 props (Isis Wings, Sword, Cane, Candle Tray, Zills, Veil).

Pricing: $300 and up




Q: Do you require a deposit?


A: Yes. No booking is valid nor honored without a  deposit. The $50 deposit is due at booking time and is non-refundable.


Q: How are the payments handled?


A: The $50 deposit is collected at the time of booking by online credit card payment through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Apple Pay. Alternatively, you can mail me a check at the address that I can provide.

I will collect the balance payment in cash before the show begins. This ensures that you can enjoy the rest of your event without distraction.

Q: Is tipping appropriate?


A: Yes, tips are appreciated and appropriate.  The dancer will accept tips unless the host has requested otherwise. Tips may be tucked into the dancer's belt, or thrown above her head as a "money shower", which is a traditional way of tipping in Middle Eastern culture. No tipping into the dancer's bra or front/back of the belt is allowed. Alternatively, the client may include tips at the end of the show.


Q: What is the booking process?


A: I collect the deposit by PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay, or a mailed check, as well as mailing a contract for your review. We sign the contract by mail, and I collect the balance after the performance.


Q: Is audience participation allowed?


A: Absolutely! During certain songs, it is always encouraged from willing guests, making the party that much more fun and exciting, creating a lively atmosphere and wonderful memories. Any special people or guests of honor can be invited to dance with me if they feel comfortable. I also offer a photo opportunity to your guests, either during, or after the show.


Q: This is a family event and there will be children. Will a belly dance show be appropriate?


A: ALL of my belly dance shows are appropriate for any age. While a show could adopt a sensual character, it is never sexual, nor is it expected to be. I offer family-friendly entertainment, which children love to watch and very often join in on the dance floor!


Q: What about music?


A: I provide a CD/iPod with music to be used for the show. The client or venue is expected to provide the sound system. If the sound system will have no have CD capacity, I will have on hand an iPod player that will be submitted to your DJ beforehand. Please notify the dancer which of the two will be used.


Q: Can I preview your performance before booking you?


A: YES! I understand that as a client you want to see "what you are getting". I provide a large selection of videos on my website for reference. 


Q: How far in advance should I make the booking?

A: It is advised to contact me at least 3-4 weeks in advance for your event. However, I will do my best to fit in last minute requests, if possible. Feel free to email me with information about your upcoming event!  




Looking for authentic, original, and mesmerizing belly dance entertainment for your next event? Make an impression for your guests by hiring a Professional Belly Dancer! Hiring a professional dancer ensures quality entertainment to your guests, so why settle for less! Your event will be memorable with Linette LaTurka who blends talent, skill, excitement, and elegance into her show.


Linette LaTurka is a Professional Belly Dancer, performing in the New Jersey and New York City tristate area. Her technique of belly dance has been heavily influenced by Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish, and American Cabaret, all of which she has had extensive amount of training in and incorporates in her performances.


 She has trained with some of the most highly respected instructors from all over the world and her in the United States. Her dance radiates with passion as she layers combinations of Arabic movement; layering and switching between shimmies and powerful hip work and doing so with grace, elegance, and of course a smile on her face! She is high quality belly dance entertainment that will make your next event memorable and magical for you and your guests! All shows are carefully customized to ensure a high end performance entertainment to create a lifetime of memories.


Shows can include a variety of traditional and modern Belly Dance props. Props that may be included for a show are;

Isis Wings





Candle Tray

Shamadan Candle tray

Her passion, dedication, respect, and love for Middle Eastern culture and dance is clearly seen in her performances. And with this passion mixed with her charismatic personality makes for a powerful, exciting, and one of a kind show!


Linette LaTurka Professional NJ Belly Dancer; Showing casing her performances in the NJ and NYC Tristate area. She is available for anniversaries, bachelorette parities, banquets, birthday parties, children’s birthday parties, Christmas parties, community events, conventions, corporate functions, festivals, fundraisers, graduation parties, grand openings, sweet 16 parties, wedding ceremonies, and more!




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